SHOLAM - SHALOM 4 OLAM - PEACE for the whole World

Please feel free to contribute your well-thought out wishes and critique - eg. your 1-10 wishes to the world for peace...

..and mail to Salomon Zotter: [firstname] at [lastname] dot info. Facebook FanPage - ShOLAM - World PEACE - 2gether WE ChANge

Some Steps - according to 5 paragraphs of the German Constitution "GrundGesetz" ("Basic Law" in English)

GG01 Decanorm - values - interjew - Egolatry
GG01 Evalogy - Intertruth - ungst
GG02 WADISE - CO2-Peace -
GG06 LOVEREL Relationology Alove - liebendig - Right to love
GG06 soqial - life-quality of social environments - - FriedensFamilie
GG07 lifile - STK9 soulapy
GG07 - Lerntag
GG20 - 4. Matrixment - pyramide
GG20 - DEMOCRATION with the PilotParty - Party of Politics - - the universal Jewish people with friendship and Feeling for Jews and NonJews
The Bill is Paid - "Shulam" in Hebrew - the victims have paid enough... and by development to a modern society of righteous and full ("Shalem") peace people dont become victims any more and suffer destruction: SHOLAM instead of Shoa!